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For a while I have been meaning to keep an “inspiration folder” on my desktop to fill with visual stimuli that resonates with me.  I finally started doing that about 2 weeks ago and I already have tons of crap I’d like to share! The following images are essentially a peak into the beautiful gray squishiness that lies between my ears. I just wish I could portray my thoughts as beautifully as these people!

found here

Victoria Beckham in Vogue Germany. found here

Icelandic Volcano vs. Northern lights. found here.

Teepee vs. Northern Lights. found here.

Random Mark Ryden. found here.

I like her fancy sock-things. found here.

found here.

Tara McPherson <3. Found here.

My favorite photo of Marilyn.. ever.

Do you already have an inspiration folder? If so, whats in it?

How to Move 3,000 Miles in 60 Days

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Oh hey! Guess what? I live in Portland, Oregon now.  During my last visit to the City of Roses I decided that I had to live there, and I had to do it as soon as possible or else it was never going to happen. I rationalized this with the fact that I’m still relatively young, and I don’t have anything tying me down. Why live in the ugliest and most crowded state in the country (NJ) and work a job that leaves me in a stagnant pool of unfulfillment?  So, Doodlebug (who had the same thoughts as me) and I packed up and headed West. We were completely relocated in less than 60 days after we made our decision. Here is how we did it.

Sell  Everything

Well, maybe not EVERYTHING. We sold or donated all of our furniture, anything breakable (that wasn’t sentimental) , and anything that had been sitting in storage for over a year.  We sold everything on Craigslist, and although it was a lot of work rustling through incoherent emails and dealing with shady characters showing up at the house, we got a pretty penny for most of our stuff.  We were left with clothes, books, a dehydrator,  juicer, and random other important/sentimental things.

Ship Everything

We were lucky enough to have access to some phenomenal bulk shipping rates.  So we packed everything up, stuck it on a few pallets, shrink wrapped it and then sent them on their merry way to Portlandtown. We fit our whole entire life onto 3 pallets!  It took about 4-5 days for them to arrive, at which point Doodles was already there. Surprisingly enough, nothing arrived damaged!

Sell or Ship the Car

Portland is known for it’s sensational public transit system and bike friendly streets, so a car is really not needed. However there are tons of things to do in Oregon and Washington states, (One of those things is to just drive around with your mouth agape admiring the beautiful landscape.) so if you are into outdoorsy type stuff a car would be needed. I decided to get rid of my car because it was over 8 years old, and also because I am way past my expiration date to be driving around in a bright yellow vehicle. Doodlebug kept his truck although it is kind of impractical for city living. He shipped it for around $1,000. It took about 2 weeks past the initial pick-up date to actually get picked up, and then took 12 days to make it here.  But it is here and will soon be traded in for a Subaru Outback (crossing my fingers!).


We pinched and saved every penny we could. On top of my full time job, I started working part time at the restaurant I worked at in college. We put away every cent we made from selling our stuff. All of the saved money is going to new furniture and to supporting our lame asses since we are both unemployed!

Split Up

Doodlebug went out a week before I did to set up the apartment and get essential things like a mattress and toilet paper. I stayed in Jersey and finished up things at the house. It was a lonely week but it saved time and also insured that if one of us forgot something we would have it covered.


Most people assume that I relocated due to a job, as if that is the only reason people ever move a great distance. Truth is.. I don’t have a job. I don’t even really want a job, at least not one where I sit in a dingy office for 8 hours a day. This is not because I’m lazy or unmotivated. I simply don’t want to live a typical existence. I don’t want to punch the time-clock and count down the days until retirement (or death).  I want to go out and explore and be creative and meet new people – and I wasn’t going to do that in Philly. Me and Philadelphia had fun, but we were over each other.  I didn’t move to Portland to escape anything. I moved here to FIND something. Sometimes you need a totally fresh environment to get yourself thinking differently and exploring new options. I’ve found, in the short time that I’ve been living here, that I have a better idea of what I really want from life and what kind of person I want to be. Get ready new city, I’m gonna rock your world!

Think Differently

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Here is your obligatory illustrated quote of the day. A Nietzsche quote nonetheless!

I know –  it’s been a while. I have lots to share. Including some big checkmarks next to stuff on my 30 before 30 list. Stay tuned.

10 Things I Love About The People of Portland, Oregon

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I recently journeyed to the Northwest US of A in search of crude donuts, bigfoot, piles of books, and vegan treats out the wazoo. I landed right smack in the middle of Portland, Oregon, which I will now refer to as “heaven”. Portland itself is a decent city; the surrounding vistas are gorgeous and the weather is fair. However, what really makes Portland spectacular is it’s people. The book reading, incredibly nice, totally weird people. In a nutshell, here are the specific things I love about these fine, fine creatures.

They Read
Books are king in Portland! The gratuitous coffee shops provide the perfect breeding ground for readers to spend their days sipping Stumptown Coffee and getting lost in their favorite used paperback. Portland is also home to the largest independent bookstore in the world! Powell’s Bookstore is a wet dream for any bibliophile looking to spend a day (or week) immersed in new, used and rare books. Along with Powell’s, there are many other thriving used bookstores tucked into the city.
Portland also seems to be overflowing with writers. There are tons of organizations and events for aspiring writers. Self published zines are also quite popular and are so abundant they warrant their own stores!

They’re Sexy
Portlanders are in shape. This may have to do with the abundance of outdoor activities available in the immediate area, or the fact that over a quarter of the population gets around via bike or walking. They also have style! Considering that it rains a good chunk of the year, I would describe the style as “functional chic”.  I  never imagined people would look so good riding a bike through a soggy and cold city!
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2009 in Review. 2010 in Preview

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The past 12 months have been a whirlwind of experiences. I have conquered fears, achieved goals, and found out things about myself I never knew. But just like anyone else, everything was not all roses, sparkles and fairy dust. There are many things I still haven’t changed. There have been missed opportunities, and unsatisfactory situations. Pitfalls. Road blocks. Rabid monkeys. But most importantly I have grown as a person, and although life is not perfect (but really, when is it?), it has been an exciting almost magical adventure. And every day I learn to live it more fully.

Here are some notable 2009 events.

The greatest of ease
In May, I performed for the first time ever as a (fledgling) circus performer. In retrospect, it was not a big deal. It was a showcase at PSCA. Pretty much a recital for adults. My friends and family came to see me. I didn’t fall. All in all, a great success. However, at the time it was a big deal to me. I had serious stage fright and the thought of anybody watching me do anything would give me sweaty palms and make me shake. I would get nervous practicing in front of my class, which consisted of 5 people. At the showcase I performed in front of about 80 people, twice.  Ever since that night my performance anxiety has significantly decreased.  I feel more confident in class. I haven’t performed since then, but I have a feeling it will be MUCH better the next time around.
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What Matters Now

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The prodigious Seth Godin has put together a fantastically inspiring, FREE e-book for your downloading pleasure. It contains quotes, ideas and essays from various people around the world that are shaking things up (see name cloud below). So if you want to make a difference, get inspired, or just read something really great – Go download it now!

Illustrated Missed Connections

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I LOVE reading missed connections. I never could have imagined how infinitely cooler they would become once illustrated.

Monday, November 2nd, 2009
You left your coat here last winter – w4w
… or rather, you let me wear it home.
I found fun dip in one pocket and your NYPL card in the other.
It’s going to keep me deliciously warm this winter as I rack up mountains of overdue fines

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