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No Kittens For You!

Today is 9/9/09.. a day of ominous mystery and also a day WITHOUT CATS!  Like many internet dwellers I look forward to my daily dose of pussy(sorry I couldn’t help it). It’s like coffee. Who does not enjoy such things as cats eating spaghetti, ninja cats, even cats playing a freaking piano!?  Apparently the evil bastards at don’t. They have deemed today “9.9.09A Day Without Cats on the Internet”. I call it bullshit. Don’t they know that ferrets pose a much greater threat on society?

Following Urlesque’s reckless behavior is Cute Overload who have even created a dramatic video for the event. Its like a total apocalypse! However, In their defense they are doing an admirable job of replacing fluffy kittens with fat puppies, pandas (always a good choice) and of course the obligatory stoat.

Some have managed to get around the ban. Like Best Week Ever, who has posted pictures of a bearcat. But WTF is a bearcat?  Petsugar also posted one of my fave Conan clips of puppies dressed as the-animal-that-shall-not-be-named.

Luckily, the ever reliable has given the day a big FU and has been posting the best of lolcats all day long. Thank you for saving me from a day rolled up in the corner of my bed, crying due to lack of kittens. THE DAY IS SAVED!

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